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CUA - Vatican Connections

The Catholic University of America was founded in 1887 in the name of the Catholic Church in the United States by Pope Leo XIII and the bishops of this country as a national institution of learning. It is unique as the national university of the Catholic Church and the only higher education institution founded by the U.S. bishops.

The Catholic University of America is the only U.S. university that grants ecclesiastical degrees, accredited and certified by the Holy See, in the schools of philosophy, canon law, and theology and religious studies. These degrees are earned by Catholic clerical, lay and non-Catholic students. CUA’s School of Philosophy is only one of three schools of philosophy in the country and the only doctoral program in the United States with ecclesiastical standing. CUA’s School of Canon Law is the only such school in the United States with more than 100 students from across the country and from every continent except for Europe. Theological College, the university seminary, prepares men for the priesthood who come from many dioceses of the United States.

The bylaws of the university’s Board of Trustees require that half of the 50-member board be clerics. The local ordinary, i.e. the archbishop of Washington, is ex officio the chancellor of the university and a member of the university’s Board of Trustees. His duty as chancellor is to serve as liaison between the university and the Holy See, and also between the university and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The university’s papal connections are manifested in various ways. The official colors of the university – gold and white – are also the colors of the Vatican. Five members of the university’s faculty and administration serve as official Vatican advisers. More than 130 current or retired bishops are alumni of the university, including four current or retired U.S. cardinal archbishops.

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